Upcoming Events

Interim Spaces

Exhibition Dates: Tuesday 13th – Thursday 15th June 10am – 5pm
Private view: Tuesday 13th June 6pm - 8pm

Come along and join us for the Experimental and investigative drawing exhibition by students from the EDAM Extended Drawing for Artists and Makers course at City Lit. They are working on  individual projects based around a theme of ‘Interim Spaces.’

Meantime, meanwhile, intervals, interludes. Transitional, provisional, temporary, stopgap, short-term, makeshift, improvised, impromptu, space to think….. Private interim spaces or public interim spaces; gaps in time or even physical spaces.  Spaces in terms of no-mans land or the in-between. Thresholds, edgelands, boundaries and borders; both interior and exterior, personal or political.

Extended Drawing for Artists and Makers

The work in this exhibition is from a multi-disciplinary course that will help broaden drawing skills and experience. Record, imagine, visualise, transform, narrate and develop through a series of practical projects. Co-ordinated to help artists/students place drawing at the centre of their practice within their chosen artistic discipline.

The City Lit drawing year, Extended Drawing for Artists and Makers, is designed for the experienced drawing student or arts practitioner who wants to develop their personal approach to drawing and enhance their art practice.  Students who work in 2D or 3D, fine art or making will benefit from the cross-pollination of approaches to drawing.

Drawing in it’s widest sense will be explored, from drawing as communication of ideas, working drawings as preparation for creative art projects and drawing as a practice in it’s own right.  You will look at the work of contemporary artists who use drawing as the main or essential component of their work and explore the possibilities of what is considered drawing in the art world today.

We hope to see you there!

Painting People

Exhibition Dates: Tuesday 20th – Friday 23rd June 10am – 5pm
Private view: Monday 19th June 6pm - 8pm

You are warmly invited to the exhibition of work by students from the City Lit Year of the Figure and Portrait. They are exhibiting a variety of artwork based on projects completed throughout the year including working from live models and other sources.

Faces are the most interesting things we see; other people fascinate me, and the most interesting aspect of other people – the point where we go inside them – is the face. It tells all.

David Hockney

There are these painterly things that happen while I'm working.

Marlene Dumas

Without atmosphere a painting is nothing.


Friend by Bridget Rust

The City Lit Year of the Figure and Portrait is a one year programme one day a week which offers the opportunity to explore a wide range of ways of working with this most perennial and fascinating of subjects –human beings.
Students on this course began with practising helpful technical approaches to drawing and painting the human head and figure from observation of the model. In term two they then worked through various experimental approaches using found imagery and ideas from a variety of starting points; from the model through to images from sources such as photographs, newspapers, memory and imagination.
In term three students embarked on personal projects identifying where their interests lay from the previous two terms, building on their successes and clarifying individual aims, having the choice to work with or without the model.


Exhibition Dates: Tuesday 11th – Thursday 20th July 10am – 5pm
Private view: Thursday 13th July 6pm - 8pm

Come and join us for an exhibition of printmaking by the students on the Citylit advanced, one year, fine art printmaking course. They have been working on individual and collaborative projects and this show is the climactic finale to the year of study.

Citylit Advanced Fine Art Printmaking course.
Year long.
VS905 (evenings) and VS986 (daytime)

The works on show reflect the broad approaches of the individual students and the differing ways to make a fine art print. At the end of the day there are a lot of ways to use ink! traditional processes rub shoulders with digital techniques in a thoroughly contemporary mix. Some work will be for sale, and some will selected from works in progress to help create a stimulating and exciting print show.

The CityLit advanced fine art printmaking course provides a one year sustained study into the mechanics and linked theory involved in contemporary printmaking. Meeting weekly the students are encouraged through a selection of print process and critical appraisal. As the course progresses individual projects are focused on, developed and finally presented in the group show mentioned above.
This show provides an excellent opportunity to see what we do
Come and join us.